(Edward) Adamson Hoebel interviewed by Judith Modell and Robert Bieder c. 1971 at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis)
900 Jahre Wartburg
A basic course in Moroccan Arabic
A basic Tamil reader and grammar: Volume I: readings
A Bengali prose reader for second year students
A Chimariko (?) song
A course in Baluchi [Balochi]
A course in contemporary Romanian
A course in Levantine Arabic
A course in modern Telugu
A Crow centenarian talks about a war party
A discussion of [Turkish] phonetics [conducted in English]
A first course in Esperanto
A first course in literary Chinese
A first reader in Tamil
A first reader in Tamil (a pilot version)
A first reader in Tamil (pilot version; Shenbagam; formal)
A guide to Tamil by the direct method
A higher course of English study: 1
A learning revolution through technology solutions
A lecture on Russian history
A Linguistic and Ethnographic Analysis of Apology Narratives Performed in Context of Federal Sentencing Hearings
A manual of spoken Tibetan (Lhasa dialect)
A musical anthology of the Orient: Iran
A musical anthology of the Orient: Vedic recitation and chant
A phonemic study of Navajo
A practical Czech course for English-speaking students
A primer of newspaper Chinese, revised edition
A programmed course in modern literary Arabic phonology and script (revised edition, 1970)
A programmed course in modern literary Arabic phonology and script (revised edition, 1974)
A reader for advanced spoken Tamil: five radio plays
A reader in modern literary Arabic
A reader of Pashto
A recital of ancient Greek poetry: read in English translation and in ancient Greek (from the series The living voice of Greek and Latin literature)
A Russian area reader
A Russian course: Volume II
A sample text in Abaza (T’a’panta dialect–northwest Caucasus)
A start in Yoruba (preliminary edition)
A story of “Just-the-Head”
A study of Tarascan
A Tigrinya word list
A treasury of French Renaissance lyric
A vina concert (with Vedic recitation)
A visit to northeast language labs (Sept. 1988)
A. Bimbli’s interviews with Kostas Kazazis (July-August 1967)
A. de Musset: “Une soirée perdue” [and] “Sur trois marches de marbre rose...”
A.L. Kroeber and others talking on Edward Sapir at the University of California, Berkeley, May 11, 1959
Acatec Mayan texts (1985-86)
Access to Arabic
Access to the Arab media