A modern Yucatec Maya text (c. 1965); Transcription of Andrade Discs 8A and 8B

Collection Descriptive Notes
In this monograph McQuown presents his close transcription of a text derived from Discs 8A and 8B of the Andrade set of aluminum field recordings (cf. Item #16551 in this database). The Maya transcription is glossed with the English and Spanish equivalents. As a way of introduction, McQuown recapitulates the history of the study of the Yucatec Maya language and describes his own analytical apparatus.
Collection Technical Notes
The text is a sheaf of 68 8½-by-14 photocopied sheets, printed on one side only and clipped together. The date of composition is pure guesswork. The place of production, however, is the campus of the University of Chicago. Note: For his transcription McQuown made use of an ad hoc tape copy of the phonograph record. This tape has not been retained.
This collection has no playable audio.