Jacaltec film

Content description Méndez is filmed engaging a young woman in conversation (see tape "Jacaltec texts III": Barcode A70065960), but it is not clear at this time (1/15/15) to which part of the audio tape this film corresponds (i.e., its running time of approximately 3 mins. is too short to cover the length of the 23-minute interview). At intervals the camera pans to a man hitting a clap-board. (The sound permits the synching of film and audio.)
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Film
Contributor Méndez, Antonio Feliciano (interviewer); Camposeco, Juana (consultant)
Notes This is a three-inch reel of silent Kodachrome 8mm film, which was transferred at some time to a 7’’ box labeled "Jacaltec". Notes left by McQuown (q.v.) suggest that there should be two films. Another note states the date of production as August 1965. Note: This film has now been digitized. The film and all auxiliary media and documentation are gathered in box now shelved in the Archive.
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 1965-08

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Jacaltec texts [with film] (Christopher Day, 1964-65) Eastern Kanjobal Guatemala