Jacaltec texts [with film] (Christopher Day, 1964-65)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Christopher Day, in collaboration with Antonio Feliciano Méndez, evoke Jacaltec words from numerous native speakers (male and female) using the standard (Spanish) vocabulary list. In addition, Méndez is heard reading vocabulary items from the provisional draft of his grammar, and he is interviewed by Day about local customs.(For the most part these recordings were made in Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango Department, Guatemala.)
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes are 15 field recordings on five-inch reels, while a three-minute, 8mm color film supplements Tape III. Despite the variety of subject matter in this series, it was deemed advisable to treat it as a single collection. The numbering of the tapes using Roman numerals was apparently done by Day himself, though it is not clear what the actual order of the tapes is. Note: JJT has arbitrarily assigned the numeral "VI" to the "Belief Questionaire" tape, which originally had none. The tape stock used for the recordings was 1.0 mil polyester, run off from larger reels onto the present ones. This procedure often led to the overfilling of the reels so as to maximize the recording time. The backs of all the tape boxes have been scanned. Consult the "Jacaltec Blbliography" (now scanned) for further information on publications about Jacaltec by various authors (with emphasis on Day's works). WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Jacaltec film Méndez, Antonio Feliciano (interviewer); Camposeco, Juana (consultant) Film
jactexts10a Sound
jactexts10b Sound
jactexts11a Sound
jactexts11b Sound
jactexts12a Sound
jactexts12b Sound
jactexts13a Sound
jactexts14a Sound
jactexts15a Sound
jactexts15b Sound
jactexts1b Sound
jactexts2a Sound
jactexts3 Sound
jactexts4a Sound
jactexts5a Sound
jactexts5b Sound
jactexts6a Sound
jactexts6b Sound
jactexts7a Sound
jactexts7b Sound
jactexts8a Sound
jactexts8b Sound
jactexts9a Sound
jactexts9b Sound