Spoken Quiché, by Stanley Wick and Remigio Cochojil-González

Collection Descriptive Notes
Authors voice Lessons 1-18. For the most part, Lessons 19-30 were recorded in Guatemala with the participation of Norman A. McQuown and Cochojil-González.
Collection Technical Notes
Tapes (through Lesson 18) are studio recordings made at the LLA in 1965-66; Donald H. Ledin, rec. eng., with the assistance of John E. Wahl, and JJT; DHL, ed., with the assistance of JEW and JJT 1966-72; JJT, revisional ed., 1971-80. Note: All acetate masters through Lesson 11 as well as Lesson 13, part 1, have been discarded since they were deemed to full of splices to be playable.--JJT, 4/10/19
Wick, Stanley; Remigio Cochojil, et al.