Content description Contents=Track 1 of the tape (=Discs 77A - 85A)
Object Type Sound
Medium Sound
Notes This a redigitization of Track 1 of the tape, done according to present standards. Tape was played at double speed (7.5 ips) on the TASCAM 42. A ten-inch reel was used for the take-up, and the tension setting was put on "large" to compensate for the dried-out condition of the tape. The output of the Channel One jack was split, and the two mono signals were patched into the UCA202 device, which was connected via a USB cable to the iMac running Audacity. JJT subsequently halved the "speed" of the file. He has not made any changes to the file; i.e., the contents are just as Wahl recorded them.
Creation Date 2018-04-04
Duration 01:04:30

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