Tenejapa 13

Content description Contents [The number following the consultant's name is the code number assigned to him]:

Track 1: Cuento de cuando estaban cerradas las semillas en un cerro
y como las sacaron los hormigas (in Tzeltal followed by
summary in Spanish)
Cuento de como un hombre aprendiĆ³ usar los implimentos de
cultivar (in EspaƱol)
Track 2: [Continuation of the above]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Chen, Alonso Hernandez (344) (consultant); Baroco, John Vincent (?) (recorder)
Notes This is the original field recording. Note: The pitch of the voice sounds too low for much of the recording.
Discourse Type Narrative
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 1958-12-13

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