Zinacantan XIII

Content description Contents [Note that the serial number assigned to each consultant follows the name]:


Track 1: 1) Agustin Sántis Weyo [n.d.] (743)
2) Jose Santis Perez [n.d.] (746)
3) Nicolas Gomez Tasajo [n.d.] (753)
4) Jose Perez Perez [n.d.] (752)
[Track 3 in quarter-track configuration running in the same direction as
Track 1: Man speaking fluent (Tzotzil?) Maya interviews a
native female speaker. Recording was cut short by being
recorded over.]
Track 2: 1) Marino Lopez ¢intan [n.d.] (751)
2) Antonio Lopez ¢intan [n.d.] (755) [Also: López Pérez]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Hopkins, Nicholas A. (researcher); Gomez Tasajo, Nicolas (753) (consultant); Lopez ¢intán, Antonio (755) (consultant); Lopez ¢intán, Mariano (751) (consultant); Perez Perez, Jose (752) (consultant); Sántis Perez, Jose (746) (consultant); Sántis Weyo, Agustin (743) (consultant); Unidentified male speaker (interviewer); Unidentified native speaker (female) (consultant)
Notes Tape is apparently a series of dubs made from other tapes at an unknown date (maybe 1964). Nick Hopkins' connection with these interviews is established by the "Roster", and the dates given point to September 1961 as the time frame of the interviews. Note: The second interview on Track 1 is badly recorded with long dropouts and very loud rasping noises. (The previously unidentified interview that was recorded over was done on a Magnemite tape recorder, which had only a single center track.)
Discourse Type Narrative Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date c. 1964

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Tzotzil: Zinacantan recordings (1961) Zinacantán Tzotzil, Spanish Chiapas, Zinacantán