Bachajon 2

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Track 1: a) Berta Girau (de Bermudez) (028) (a "Ladina") supplies the
Tzeltal tokens for the standard list of Spanish vocabulary read
by Montagu. (Date: April 1961?)
[Her residence: subdivisión: Cabecera; comunidad: Bachajón]
b) Ignacio Hernández López Córdoba (018)) does the same.
(Date: 5/3/61)
[His residence: Ranchería Baquite’el, San Gerónimo,
c) Manuel Hernández Santis (314) does the same. (Date:
[Residence: Finca Chajtajal, municipio de Ocosingo]
d) Sebastiana Cruz Pérez (312) does the same [part 1] (Date:
April 1961)
[Residence: Finca Chajtajal, municipio de Ocosingo]
Track 2: a) Sebastiana Cruz (312) [part 2]
b) Manuel Hernández (314) (Date: 5/3/61)
c) Francisco Guzmán (027) supplies the Tzeltal.... (Date: 1961)
[Residence: Barrio de San Sebastian, Bachajón]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Montagu, Roberta (interviewer); Girau de Bermudez, Berta (028) (consultant); Hernández López Córdoba, Ignacio (018) (consultant); Hernández Santis, Manuel (314) (consultant); Cruz Pérez, Sebastiana (312) (consultant); Guzmán, Francisco (027) (consultant)
Notes Tape may or may not be the original live recording (done on a Wollensak tape recorder). (The tape stock consists of both an acetate tape and two polyester ones spliced together.)
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 1961-04 1961-05-03

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