Ixcatec texts and vocabulary Back-up #1

Content description
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium DAT
Notes Tapes of the Textos were played on the TEAC X-1000R and dubbed on the TASCAM DA-302: 1) Tape 1 begins at 00:00:59 and ends at 00:08:48; 2) Tape 2 begins at 00:09:00 and ends at 00:39:51; [Note: Beginning of the recording from wire reel No. 3 is 00:21:37. Reference tone put on tape by technician has not been copied onto DAT.]; 3) Tape 3 begins at 00:39:59 and ends at 01:12:00; 4) Tape 4 ends at 01:12:15 and ends at 01:16:37.
Creation Date 2002-06-11
Duration 01:16:37

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