MAYAN/ Huehuetenango

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"Tape 1"

Track 1: 1) Francisco Lopez Aguirre (from San Miguel Acatán)
2) Mateo Manuel Martin (from San Rafael La Independencia)
3) Marcelino Manuel Raimundo Montejo (from Jacaltenango)
4) Alberto Ramirez (from Concepción)
5) Marcos Perez (from San Marcos)

"Tape 2 "

Track 1: 1) Jose Perez (from San Andrés)
2) Hilario Perez (from Todos Santos)
3) Francisco Santizo Andrés (from San Mateo Ixtatán)

Note that the names are transcribed from the slates on the tape and may therefore contain errors.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Aguirre, Francisco Lopez (consultant); Martin, Mateo Manuel (consultant); Mantejo, Marcelino Manuel Raimundo (consultant); Ramirez, Alberto (consultant); Perez, Marcos (consultant); McQuown, Norman A. (interviewer)
Notes Tape is probably a copy of two field recordings originally done on five-inch reels and copied in succession on Track 1.
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date c. 1961

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Mam: Department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala Spanish, Mam Chiapas, Huehuetan