Rodriguez #2

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Side A: Nahuala - 30 min / Antonia / Sacguachiac [?]
Chuculjuyup - 18 min / familia Tzunun / cena, lal [?]
Side B: Chuculjuyup - familia Tzunun / cena, lal, cuentos
Jesus, Amanda, Laura, Doña Marîa
Julia Tzunun / lal/alaq
48 min (total)
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/8 inch audio cassette
Contributor Familia Tzunun (consultant); Rodriguez, Rosa (interviewer)
Notes Cassette is probably the original field recording.
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 1998-07-31 1998-08-12

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