Qu-14-SC (QUI 85.WAC.16 [SC] (OT))

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22/3/65 San Cristóbal

[Track 1:]

Alaguna Sta Clara [sic]: Nicolas Chial 17 años
San Cristóbal
Florencio Sapón 60 años
Maria Cucarnauan Cuc 45 años
Javier Sapon 33 años [part 1]

[Track 2:]

Javier Sapon 33 años [part 2]
José Soche Mario 25 años.

[Note: "Alaguna Sta Clara" is officially "Santa Clara La Laguna". Both Cocojil-Gonzalez and Wick participate in prompting the native speakers (male and female) to tell their stories.]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Sapon, Javier (consultant); Chial, Nicolas (consultant); Sapon, Florencio (consultant); Cucarnauan Cuc, Maria (consultant); Soche Mario, José (consultant); Cochojil-González, Remigio (interviewer); Wick, Stanley A. (interviewer)
Notes Tape is probably the field-recorded original despite the fact that there are short bursts of intrusive (i.e., unerased) material at intervals. (This can only mean that the tape was previously used.) (Note: Tape is 17th in the overall series but McQuown did not assign a shelf code to the previous tape, "Qu-13a-M". Note also: The gain level on Track 1 starts very low and ends very high; on Track 2 the gain level fluctuates unpredictably.
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse Narrative
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 1965-03-22

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