Four popular Greek songs [5]

Content description 1) “Skotose me (to mekairi)”, by Emm. Khioti and Khs. Kolokotsene (?)
2) “Pou na vro dikaiosyni”, by Emm. Khioti and Khs. Kolokotsene (?)
3) “Athino geia”, by G. Zompeta (?)
4) “To teleutaio deilino”, by I. Papaioannou (?)
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Khioti, Emm. (author); Kolokotsene, Khs. (author); Zompeta, G. (author); Papaioannou, I. (author); Melagia, Magia (consultant); Kouloukakis, Io. (consultant); Kazantzidis, Styl. (consultant); Lidia, Giota (consultant); Panou, Poli (consultant); Kleidoniaris, Ant. (consultant)
Notes Phonograph record is a “His Master’s Voice” disc, 7EGG 2518. Gift of Kostas Kazazis to the LLA on January 28, 2003;Note on sleeve seems to read “Jan. ‘57”. Transcriptions of the Greek are tentative.

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Four popular Greek songs Modern Greek (1453-) Greece