Three Hamp lectures on Balkan topics given at a European conference

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Track 1: Hamp's lectures:
>Part 1: Lecture in German: The state of Balkan studies in the
U.S.A. [Note: This lecture is cut short.]
>Part 2: Lecture in Albanian
>Part 3: Lecture in French: "Quelques questions de la position
de l'albanais parmi les autres langues, les autres
groupes de l'indo-européen" [A conversation in
German concludes this section.]
>Part 4: Lecture in French: "Sommaire de me résultats d'à peu
près pendant une quinzième d'années...sur ces
dialectes de la Grèce"
Track 2: [Unerased musical passages]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Hamp, Eric P. (speaker); Unnamed other speakers (speaker)
Notes Tape consists of a series of dubs (on Track 1 only) apparently made for Hamp containing just his lectures at the conference. The tape is re-used: Track 2 consists entirely of recordings of classical music. The date of production is conjectural.
Discourse Type Oratory
Linguistic Data Type Outside Source
Creation Date c. 1965

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