Beginning Japanese: Lessons 14.2-17.2

Content description Lesson 0 and Lessons 1-35 (to accompany the two volumes of Jorden’s Beginning Japanese (q.v.))
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Jorden, Eleanor Harz (researcher); Chaplin, Hamako Ito (researcher); Kawamoto, Sayoko (consultant); Takano, Hiroshi (consultant); Minami, Masayuki (consultant); Tsukagoshi, Yasukasu (consultant); Hummel, Reiko (consultant)
Notes Tapes are the publisher’s tapes, issued by the Electronics Teaching Laboratories of Washington, DC; “entered” into the LLA collection in 1962.
The accompanying texts are referenced elsewhere in this catalog. Note: the publisher’s name does not appear on the tapes but is supplied from the texts.
Publication Date c. 1962

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