Chinese (Sze Chuan): Transcription

Content description On pages 2-6 Andrade (most probably) did a selective phonetic transcription of these record bands:
>Record 1, Side A, Band 2 (two versions--one with Chinese characters, one with phonetic symbols only)
>Record 2, Side A, Band 1
>Record 4, Side A, Band 1
>Record 4, Side A, Band 2
Page 8 lists 40 Chinese words in phonetic script under headings "27", "41", "45", "46", "47" and "48". On Page 7 there are only numerals from "1" to "4" under each heading--apparently a key to the tones for the words on page 8. It is not known what the meaning of the headings is.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Andrade, Manuel J. (transcriber)
Notes Text consists of 8 sheets of paper with handwriting in ink on one side only (=8 pages). The date of production is approximate (though almost certainly contemporaneous with the recordings.)
Linguistic Data Type Campus Source
Creation Date c. 1935
Publication Date c. 1941

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