Popol vuh [excerpt] [phonetic retranscription]

Content description This is McQuown’s own phonetic re-transcription of pages 3-6 of the Schultze Jena edition of the K'iche' epic.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Schultze Jena, Leonard (editor); McQuown, Norman A. (transcriber)
Notes Text consists of fourteen unbound 8.5" x 11" lined sheets with handwriting in pencil on one side only (=14 pages). Each sentence in the K'iche' is identified with the code "SJ" and a number indicating the page number of the original text; e.g., "SJ 2.1", etc. The text may be found in the vertical file VF02 in the folder titled "QUI(CL) 69.LSJ.1.1 (TC).
Discourse Type Narrative
Creation Date 1994
Publication Date c. 1978

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Popol Vuh: Excerpt (N.A. McQuown, 1979) Central Quiché, Spanish Guatemala