Interview with Ben Murray: transcription

Content description The transcription was done (probably) by Peter Austin c. 1974: English phrases are followed by a phonetic transcription of the equivalents in Dhiran [sic]. The full title reads: "Field tape D9, sentence elicitation, texts, vocabulary. Recorded by Peter Austin, Australian National University, May 20, 1974, at Witchelina Station, South Australia. Language: Dhiran (diraɲi). Informant: Ben Murray."
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor Austin, Peter (transcriber)
Notes Text consists of eleven 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper, photocopied on one side only (=11 pages). Text is (apparently) a photocopy of another photocopy of the original manuscript lent to the LLA by Jane Rosenthal c. 1977. It is to be found in the folder marked "ADH 85.T.1.1", which is located in the Vertical File VF03.
Creation Date c. 1977

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Dirari: Interview with Ben Murray (1974) Dirari, English Australia, Oceania