Albanian atlas questionnaire; Moutsos questionnaire with glosses in Arvanitika (1956)

Collection Descriptive Notes
At the behest of Eric Hamp, Moutsos records a second series of Arvanitika glosses for vocabulary items in the Albanian Atlas Questionnaire, which was prepared originally in Italian in the 1930s. Moutsos first reads the Italian tokens, then translates them into Greek, and finally provides the Arvanitika equivalents. He gives the location of the recordings as Sophikon, Korinthias. (Sophikon is the formal name for the town called Sofiko locally.) The recordings were done over the period 6/25/56 through 9/14/56.
Collection Technical Notes
This, the second series of Moutsos questionnaire tapes, ran to 30 tapes on five-inch reels. Tapes Nos. 7, 8, 10-12 and 16-21 were subsequently re-used for the “Tetovo” series (q.v.). (Five were originally recorded on 6/29/56 and six on 7/4/56.) It is not known who operated the tape recorder or what tape recorder was used for the sessions. The tape numbered "22" does not belong in this series, being a duplicate of the first series of Moutsos' recordings (see ID No. 4447). Moutsos alone is heard on Tapes 1-7, 19-21 and 23-30 (according to the current numbering scheme). The tapes retain the shelf codes assigned to them by Norman A. McQuown. It is not known why he numbered the tapes as he did (they originally had other numbers). (Unreviewed) WAVE files are now converted to MP3s.
Moutsos, Demetrius
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