Arbëreshë: Eric Hamp interviews a man from San Martino (c. 2009)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Hamp, speaking Italian, reads a list of words, evoking the Arbëresh equivalents from Tocci, a native of the town of San Martino/Shën Martiri, a "municipio" of Cosenza Province in Calabria. The location is evidently San Martino, and the date is around 2009. (Note: The spelling "Arbëreshë' follows the usage of Etnologue.)
Collection Technical Notes
CD is the copy sent to the DMA by Juli Hamp Love in July 2019. The interview, which was almost certainly captured via a digital format, has been burned to this CD at the 44.1 KHz sampling rate at the 16-bit depth. Twenty-two photographs (as JPEGS) are included with the audio file. WAVE file (saved in the same format) is now converted to an MP3.
This collection has no playable audio.