Tlingit (Chilcat) recordings on disc (c. 1917)

Collection Descriptive Notes
A native speaker, described as a "full-blood Chilkat Indian", relates (a part of)the mosquito story and then reads a series of minimal pairs.
Collection Technical Notes
Phonograph records are the discs pressed by the Victor Talking Machine Co. in Camden, NJ. c. 1940. (The quality of the sound argues for a date much later that 1917.) A tape dub of the discs was made at some time, but it cannot be located. Nevertheless, the dub--not the discs themselves--was used for digitizing. The text published by Boas in 1917 has been scanned. The WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
tli-shortridge-text-minimal_pairs Sound
“Language (Chilkat dialect)” Shotridge, Louis S. (speaker) Record
“Origin of the mosquito” Shotridge, Louis S. (speaker) Record