The intonation of American English: Sample utterances (K.L. Pike)

Collection Descriptive Notes
After the introduction by an Old Lab technician Kenneth Pike is heard voicing the exercises from his own book. [A script of the utterances was provided to the Language lab.]
Collection Technical Notes
Tape was dubbed (circa 1957) from two Wilcox-Gay 6.5 -inch discs, and was originally appended to McQuown’s American English tape No. 5; removed to this hub JJT 5/21/76.”--from the back of the box. The text, whose date is unknown, lists the utterances read by Pike (but does not include the extended narrative passages). It is scanned (q.v.) WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
PHO Kenneth Pike’s/Samples Pike, Kenneth L. (author); Pike, Kenneth L. (speaker); Unnamed male speaker (speaker) 1/4 inch audio tape