The linguistic atlas of the North-Central States: Publication of the Basic materials

Collection Descriptive Notes
This collection consists of four parts:
1) Payne's eight-page report of 1976 describing the Basic Materials project: "The goal of the Basic Materials series is to present, in an organized manner, the complete LANCS field records in the original form in which the fieldworkers transcribed them."; 2) A progress report of 4 November 1976; 3) An updated progress report of 18 November 1976 and 4) A typewritten note from Raven I.McDavid, on English Department stationery, addressed probably to Norman A. McQuown, discussing the arrival of linguistic materials from the late Prof. Marckwardt.
Collection Technical Notes
(Gift to the LLA from Raven I. McDavid c. 1976)
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The Linguistic Atlas of the North-Central States: publication of the Basic materials McDavid, Raven I., Jr. (author); Payne, Richard C. (author) Text