Two Turkish folktales, told in Turkish

Collection Descriptive Notes
Gurun (from Iskenderun, Turkey) narrates “Altin şamdan” [The golden candlestick]; and Erdal (from Ankara) does “Deli Mehmet ve üç rahip” [Crazy Mehmet and the three priests].
Collection Technical Notes
Tape is a dub of both sides of a twelve-inch, 33⅓ rpm, vinyl disc, Folkways FL 9922 (1964), lent to the LLA by Robert Dankoff; JJT, rec. eng., 2/27/81. Text is a photocopy of the (relevant portion of the) album notes, donated to the LLA c. 1981 by R. Dankoff. WAVE file is converted to an MP3.
Gurun, Bikmen; and Erdal
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Turkish folk tales [narrated in Turkish] Gurun, Bikmen [female] (speaker); Erdal [male] (speaker); Walker, Warren S. (editor); Uysal, Ahmet (editor) 1/4 inch audio tape
Turkish folk tales [script] Text