Tolowa vocabulary (and songs) (Seaburg, 1977)

Collection Descriptive Notes
William R. Seaburg evokes vocabulary items from native speakers (male and female) at Smith River, CA, in Sept. 1977. Also, the recording includes a fragment of songs sung by one of the consultants. [Note: Seaburg refers to this dialect as "Smith River Athabascan".]
Collection Technical Notes
Cassette was dubbed at the behest of Howard Berman from field recordings made by William Seaburg in 1977. Note that the cassette is mislabeled "Tolowa/Yurok" and that a Ms. Ella Norris is not, in fact, heard on the tape. The tape was donated to the LLA by Howard Berman on 5/21/81. WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
Smith, Harriet; Willy Bob; Ella Norris; Ed Richards, and Sam Lopez
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Tolowa, Yurok (Tape 14) Seaburg, William R. (interviewer); Smith, Harriet (consultant); Bob, Willy (consultant); Richards, Ed (consultant); Lopez, Sam (consultant) 1/8 inch audio cassette