Modern Persian–Elementary level: Volume I

Collection Descriptive Notes
Lessons 1-5, 10 and 12-14 (selected dialogues and/or reading passages only [Lessons 6 and 11 are not recorded.]
Collection Technical Notes
Tape is a back-up of leadered “program copies” [i.e., those meant for class use], which were themselves dubbed from the copy (on 7” reel) lent to the LLA by John Perry in 1979. (Unreviewed) WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
Mr. [?] Sohrabi (in the supplements)
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Lessons 1-5; 10; 12-14 (PSN 5.1 (M)) Unnamed female speaker (speaker); Windfuhr, Gernot (author); Tehranisa, Hassan (author); Unnamed male speaker (speaker) 1/4 inch audio tape