Our changing language

Collection Descriptive Notes
On Side A of the disc the history of the development of English before its introduction to America is recalled. On Side B the history of the development of the language in the U.S. and Canada is illustrated with twelve dialect samples gathered by Mrs. Evelyn Gott in both the U.S.A. and Canada.
Collection Technical Notes
Tape was dubbed from the 33⅓ rpm vinyl disc (issued in 1965), Cat. No. EMC Corporation 23843, lent to the LLA in 1975. The (photocopied) notes from the back of the album are filed under “ENG G.1.1”. The WAVE files are converted to MP3s.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Our changing language Gott, Evelyn (researcher); McDavid, Raven I., Jr. (editor) 1/4 inch audio tape