Four Czech fairy tales

Collection Descriptive Notes
Readings of recast versions of traditional fairy tales: 1) “O Červené Karkulce” [Little Red Riding Hood]; 2) “O perníkové chaloupce”; 3) “O Šipkové Růžence” [Sleeping Beauty]; 4) “O Smoličkovi”
Collection Technical Notes
Master is the tape (on seven-inch reel) from Harvard,run off onto this hub by JJT on 5/17/82. The Harvard tape, in turn, was apparently dubbed from one (or more) (unidentified phonograph records from Czechoslovakia.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
CZH41.MSC.1.1(M) Němcová, Božena (author); Unknown (consultant) 1/4 inch audio tape