Excerpts from Dante’s Divine Comedy

Collection Descriptive Notes
1) “La beffa ai diavoli” (from the Inferno, Canto 22); 2) “Episodio di Ulisse” (from the Inferno, Canto 26); 3) “La preghiera alla Vergine” (from the Paradiso, Canto 38); 4) “Buonconte e la pia” (from the Paradiso, Canto 5)
Collection Technical Notes
Discs are of the “Disco ‘Grammofono’ ” brand with the catalog nos. R6937 and R6935. (Clarence E. Parmenter Collection) (It sounds as if these could be acoustic recordings.)
Pastonchi, Francesco
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
“Buonconte e la pia” (Purgatorio, Canto 5) Pastonchi, Francesco (recorder); Alighieri, Dante (author) Record
“La beffa ai diavoli” (Inferno, Canto 22) Pastonchi, Francesco (recorder); Alighieri, Dante (author) Record