Spoken Chinese: Pronunciation exercises 1-30

Collection Descriptive Notes
Native speaker (male) demonstrates features of Chinese pronunciation.
Collection Technical Notes
Master is a tape dubbed c. 1960 almost certainly from the two phonograph records that are listed in the Collection "Spoken Chinese - Basic Course", ID#1089, q.v. Why this course is ascribed to the Holt publishing company (i.e., on the back of the box) is not known. Note: The WAVE file was digitized from the tape dub rather than the original discs inasmuch as the sound on the tape is superior to any present-day phonograph playback.
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Holt: spoken Chinese: pron. exercises 1-30 Unnamed English speaker (male) (speaker); Hockett, Charles Francis (author); Unnamed native speaker (male) (speaker); Fang, Chaoying (author) 1/4 inch audio tape