Bengali II readings (c. 1960)

Collection Descriptive Notes
Male native speaker (Somdev Bhattacharji?) does a fluent reading of these stories [spelling here follows that of the back of the box]: "Sister Nibadita", “Nabo poricoe”, “Rames sumoti”, “Santiniketaner Biddasikkha”, “Manosa-mongol” and“Sri caitener giboni”. (Note: The editor of the texts is given on the back of the box as Edward Dimock. It is not clear how this work is related to other similar compilations in the DMA collection.)
Collection Technical Notes
Tape is the original live recording made (apparently) in the Old Lab c. 1960. The DMA does not have a paper copy of the texts. WAVE file is now converted to an MP3.
Nibadita, Sister
This collection has no playable audio.
Title Contributor Medium
Bengali II readings Dimock, Edward (editor); Basu, Rajshekar (author); Chatterjee, Sanat Chandra (author); Other authors (author) 1/4 inch audio tape