Indian speech: Sioux, Hopi, Navajo [2]

Content description On both discs the sequence of the speakers is the same: 1) Side A, Band 1: Whitebelly discourses in Dakota Sioux; 2) Side A, Band 2: His wife does the same; 3) Side A, Band 3: Unidentified female speaker identifies Bands 1 & 2; 4) Side A, Band 4: “Wilson” discourses in Hopi, and the unknown female voice identifies him; 5) Side B, Band 1: “Frank” discourses in Navajo, and the female voice identifies him. Disc #2 was discovered by JJT in the Clarence E. Parmenter collection.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Frank (consultant); Whitebelly, Mrs. (consultant); Whitebelly, William (consultant); Wilson (consultant)
Notes 8/12/87: Phonograph records are the aluminum discs recorded live–probably at the Univ. of Chicago–in the 1930s. It is not clear whether one disc is the duplicate of the other. ARD 35.UOC.1.1 & .2 (OD).

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Indian speech: Sioux, Hopi, Navajo Dakota, Hopi, Navajo, English United States