Indian speech: Sioux, Hopi, Navajo [1]

Content description On both discs the sequence of the speakers is the same: 1) Side A, Band 1: Whitebelly discourses in Dakota Sioux; 2) Side A, Band 2: His wife does the same; 3) Side A, Band 3: Unidentified female speaker identifies Bands 1 & 2; 4) Side A, Band 4: “Wilson” discourses in Hopi, and the unknown female voice identifies him; 5) Side B, Band 1: “Frank” discourses in Navajo, and the female voice identifies him.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Whitebelly, William (consultant); Whitebelly, Mrs. (consultant); Wilson (consultant); Frank (consultant)
Notes Phonograph records are the aluminum discs recorded live–probably at the Univ. of Chicago–in the 1930s. It is not clear whether one disc is the duplicate of the other. ARD 35.UOC.1.1 & .2 (OD).
Creation Date c. 1934

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Indian speech: Sioux, Hopi, Navajo Dakota, Hopi, Navajo, English United States