Texts from Lata, Evvoia [BU #1]

Content description Texts from Lata, Evvoia (Greece 19--)

1) Tape No. 1 00:01:00 - 00:18:07
Κατσοδους from Λαογραφια; Ιαννης; Λατα (’Αλιβερι) ‘Ευβοιας.

2) Tape 2: 00:18:31 - 00:35:27
Λατα (’Αλιβερι) ‘Ευβοιας; Κατσοδους concluded. Kαλυβια story from Αθηνα 45

3) Tape 3: 00:35:35 - 00:38:25
Fragment: Near Λατα (’Αλιβερι) ‘Ευβοιας
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium DAT
Contributor Hamp, Eric P. (interviewer); Unnamed speakers (consultant)
Notes This back-up was dubbed directly from the field recordings (including the fragment on the end of ALB 82.SKP.1.2 (OT)), running backward on a TEAC X-1000 tape recorder (in order to read the central track correctly); JJT, rec. eng., 4/10/02.
Discourse Type Narrative
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date 2002-04-10
Duration 00:38:25

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Arvanitika texts from Lata, Euboea (Hamp, c. 1956) Arvanitika Albanian