ALB (RB) Hamp/Arb./’52 [VIII] BU1

Content description
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium DAT
Notes Digitized From: Hamp’s Arbëreshe Interviews (Vaccarizzo, July-August 1952) #10. This tape was dubbed from the open-reel, acetate field recording. Hamp No. 10 00:01:00 - 01:10:34 (silent portion from 00:05:13 - 00:07:06. This DAT was dubbed on TASCAM DA-302; original run on TEAC X1000R at less than 3.75 ips. Left track recorded; 48 kHz sampling rate. JJT/LLA 12/04/01
Creation Date 2001-12-06
Duration 01:09:34

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