Content description Contents=Track 2 of the tape
Object Type Sound
Medium Sound
Notes Track 2 of the tape was played by JJT at double speed (3.75 ips) on the TEAC X-1000R. A splitter was plugged into the (stereo) earphone outlet; another splitter was plugged into the left-channel jack and the two mono signals were patched into the Fireface 400. The "speed" of the WAVE file was subsequently halved by JJT using the Peak Pro 6 application. Note: At mark 32 mins., 20 secs. a silence of 2 mins., 50 secs. begins.
Creation Date 2014-08-05
Duration 00:36:45

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Gutob field recordings (Zide-DeArmond, 1962-64); Bodo Gadaba India