Aguat. “stress” patterns

Content description Transcription made by Norman A. McQuown of tokens recorded by Brent Berlin on 8/14/64.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor McQuown, Norman A. (transcriber)
Notes Texts are: 1) six sheets of lined paper from a notebook with handwriting done in ink by McQuown (almost certainly) on both sides of each sheet except the last (=11 pages) and 2) A note from N.A. McQuown to Donald Ledin on a 4" x 6" slip of paper stapled to the manuscript. The date of the composition of the MS is approximate. The text will be found in the folder marked "Aguacat... Stress Patterns" in vertical file VF03.
Creation Date c. 1964

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Tzeltal: Aguacatenango stress patterns (Berlin, 1964) Bachajón Tzeltal