José María Arguedas: texts and songs

Content description José Maria Arguedas: Texts and Songs [in Spanish and Quechua] spoken and sung by Arguedas. Track One: DISC ONE: Author Arguedas reads from his essay: “La literatura como testimonio y como una contribución” [in Spanish and Quechua] Track Two: DISC TWO: 1. Two traditional Quechua songs [in Quechua]: a. “Trilla de Alberjas en Pampas” b. “Carnaval de Tambobamba” 2. “El sueño del pongo” (A Quechua tale) [in Spanish].
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Arguedas, José María (author); Arguedas, José María (speaker); Arguedas, José María (singer); José María Arguedas (recorder)
Notes Tape was dubbed from a seven-inch, 33 ⅓ rpm, vinyl disc lent to the LLA by R. de Costa; JJT, rec. eng., 11/4/81. Note: this entry may also be found under “Spanish”.
Discourse Type Singing
Linguistic Data Type Commercial Source
Creation Date 1981-11-04
Duration 00:34:35

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José María Arguedas: texts and songs [in Spanish and Quechua] Spanish, Quechua