Content description Contents=Bands 1 and 2 of the tape
Object Type Sound
Medium Sound
Notes This is a redigitization of the tape done to determine the true contents. (The results are as they are, with the all the disorder in the recordings.) The one-channel-mono format was used to conform with the previous files. Tape was played at double speed (7.5 ips) on thte TASCAM 42. The output of the Channel One jack was patched directly into the left input of the UCA202 device, which was connected via a USB cable to the iMac running Audacity. JJT subsequently halved the "speed" of the file. He has also lowered the gain levels considerably and selectively throughout in order to approach an overall average. Also, he has made no attempt to re-order the lessons.
Creation Date 2017-11-29
Duration 01:32:19

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Spoken-literary Kannada (c. 1966) Kannada, English India