Yucatec: Andrade, Index

Content description At some point after John Wahl dubbed 101 discs out of 102 onto tape in 1958, Norman McQuown compiled this index from the tapes (but added the disc with "no sound"--no. 97). He noted: 1) the title of each story (in Spanish), 2) the name of each “informant” (or storyteller), 3) the name of the tape recorders used: a Revere (for Tape 1) and a Wollensak (for Tapes 2-7) and 4) the cumulative run time at the end of each cut. Note: The discs had already been dubbed out of sequence (e.g., Disc No. 56A is followed by No. 67B) apparently as a way of grouping all the recorded sides pertaining to such-and-such story. What should be noted is that in his letter of 2 January 1959 to McQuown, John Wahl mentions that each of the seven boxes of tapes has "a sheet in it indicating the exact contents of the tape, including time, and counter". This note would seem to indicate that someone other than McQuown compiled the index. (At this time JJT cannot resolve this mystery.--JJT, 5/17/18)
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Text
Contributor McQuown, Norman A. (compiler)
Notes Text is a sheaf of seven sheets kept in a manila envelope. They are in two groups: 1) a partial 8.5" x 11" page torn from a tablet [for Tape 1] and 2) six 8.5" x 11" sheets of tablet paper [for Tapes 2-7]. Sheets 1 and 7 have writing on one side only; Sheets 2-6 have writing on both sides, making 14 pages. Text is scanned and is filed in a folder titled "Yucatec-Andrade Discs", which is kept in JJT's desk.
Creation Date c. 1958

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