Marathi in context: DAT #6 (studio master)

Content description Contents: BOOK 3: Unit 2, Chapter 6; Unit 3, Chapters 8-10; Unit 4, Chapters 12-14; Unit 5, Chapter 18 (song only) and Chapter 16
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium DAT
Contributor Berntsen, Maxine, et al. (author); Various male and female speakers (speaker); Engblom, Philip (editor)
Notes Tape was recorded in the Language Lab studio; rec. eng. (?). The recordings began on or about 24 April 2003 and concluded on 8 May 2003.
Discourse Type Interactive Discourse Singing
Linguistic Data Type Studio Recording
Creation Date 2003-04-24 2003-05-08

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Marathi in context (2003) Marathi, English India