Svenska Ljud

Content description Contents:

Side A: Record I: 1. The vowels
Side B: Record II: 2. A few consonants
3. Musical accent
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Bergman, G. (compiler); Bergman, G. (speaker)
Notes Phonograph record is the 10-inch, 78 rpm, monophonic lacquer Linguaphone Language Record disc, cat. nos. E.SWS.1 and E.SWS.2, with the matrix numbers: E.S.W.S.1 and E.S.W.S.2. It is stored in the Linguaphone carrying case originally intended for the German course. Date of production is conjectural.
Linguistic Data Type Commercial Source
Creation Date c. 1930

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Svenska ljud (Linguaphone Institute) Swedish Sweden