Alocución al pueblo español por S.M. el Rey Alfonso XIII... [copy 2]

Content description The Spanish king addresses the Spanish people. March music concludes the speech. The full title of this issue is: "Alocución al Pueblo Español por S.M. El Rey Don Alfonso XIII. Marcha Real Fusilera, por la Banda del Real Cuerpo de Guardias Alabarderos".
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium Record
Contributor Alfonso XIII (speaker); Banda del Real Cuerpo de Guardias Alabarderos (performer)
Notes Phonograph record is Side B of a Victor Talking Machine Co. disc, Catalog No. 19619-B; its matrix numbers are: 19619B and BS1527I. The disc was "impresionado en el Palacio Real de Madrid". The date of production is guesswork. Note: Too many grooves are damaged on this side for making a digital copy.
Discourse Type Oratory
Linguistic Data Type Commercial Source
Creation Date c. 1930

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Alocución al pueblo español [two issues]