Pushkin, Lermontov, and Mayakovskii

Content description Vladimir Yakhontov reads poems by Pushkin, Lermontov, and Mayakovskii
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Yakhontov, Vladimir (speaker); Pushkin, Alexander S. (author); Lermontov, Mikhail (author); Mayakovsky, V. (author)
Notes Tape was apparently made from a Soviet disc, No. D6455-6, by a supplier of such recordings to the American market. Master consists of the beginning portion of this tape from the distributor. Note: the distributor’s name is not on the tape but is assumed from the fact that markings on the box resemble those on other tapes.

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Russian poetry, read in Russian by Vladimir Yakhontov Russian