MAM 85.DDP.MSC.1.1 (OT)

Content description Contents: Notes from the back of the box:

30 Nacimiento de Cristo / Mientras ore (Mam)
Testimonio (Mam) / Dame hijo tu corazón; Juan XIV (Mam)
Raul González

[From listening to the recording: Track A includes male and female voices singing hymns in Spanish accompanied by piano and Christmas-themed religious speeches, as if part of a Christmas church service. Track B seems to consist of a conversation (albeit a very difficult one to hear).]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Peck, H. Dudley (researcher); Peck, Dorothy (researcher); González, Raul (speaker); Unnamed men and women (performer)
Notes This the original field-recorded tape, wound off onto a new 7-inch reel (and with new end leaders); it is inside its original box with the Pecks’ labelling. Note: The tape and box are identical to those belonging to the series "Mam: 1953-55 series (Pecks, Cajolá)". That, and the number "1" written by "Reel No.", indicate that this tape is the original No. 1 of that series.
Discourse Type Singing
Linguistic Data Type Field Recording
Creation Date c. 1953

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