Chistes sobre el Maiz I

Content description Contents:

Track 1: Two (or more?) native speakers (male) tell stories.
Track 2: The voice of an American man opens the track with a mic
check; native speakers (including one woman) tell stories; male
speaker sings songs and tells stories; other men tell stories.
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Unnamed native speakers (male and female) (consultant); Unnamed speaker (male) (researcher)
Notes The use use of very thin stock and the rather prominent background hiss suggest this is an anthology of other recordings (almost certainly all in the same language). All of Track 1 runs at 3.75 ips. Track 2 begins with recordings made at 7.5 ips, but after mark 14 mins., 19 secs., all the rest run at 3.75 ips.
Discourse Type Narrative Singing
Creation Date Summer 1968

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Chistes sobre el maíz (Summer 1968) Spanish, Yucatán Maya Yucatán