FIJ 1.1 (M)

Content description An unnamed man reads the English text, while a male native speaker (Graefe?) does the Fijian.
Band 1, Track 1: Lessons 1-4.1
Band 1: Track 2: Lessons 4.2-8 [incomplete]
Band 2: Track 1: Lessons 9-12 [Question No. 10 on p. 138 is lost.]
Band 2: Track 2: Lessons 13-14
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Sch├╝tz, Albert J. (author); Komaitai, Rusiate T. (author); Graefe, Ayako Yasuda (consultant); Unnamed male speaker (speaker); Unnamed native speaker (male) ()
Notes Tape consists of the two tapes donated to the LLA by Marshall Sahlins c. 1975, wound off onto a hub and leadered; JJT, 10/3/79. Sahlins' tapes are dubs of some other tapes probably produced at the University of Hawaii c. 1971. The date of production above is only approximate.
Linguistic Data Type Outside Source
Creation Date c. 1975

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