(FST) IMA: 85.Gr.2 (M)

Content description Contents:

Band 1: Conversation before the filming [7.5 ips]
Band 2: Further conversation before the filming [15 ips]
Band 3: The discussion proper (which ends about 14 mins. in from
Ledin's slate) plus the talk afterwards about taking a picture of
the group [15 ips]
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Wahl, John E. (compiler)
Notes This tape is apparently a composite of two studio recordings and the back-up ["safety master"] of the studio recording of the discussion proper (see: b/c A7003229X) (film code: CL-003-4). (Wahl's voice is heard in the background.) Note: The initials "FST" stand for "film sound track".
Creation Date 1965-06-16

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