Dows E1226

Content description Marguerite Chapallaz introduces two interviews:
1) An unnamed man interviews Charle H. Dows, a native of Sherborn Center, Middlesex County, Mass.. (in c. 1933). The age of the consultant is 80.
2) An unnamed man interviews James H. Gibbs of Nantucket Island, Mass.(in 1933 or ’34).
Object Type PhysicalObject
Medium 1/4 inch audio tape
Contributor Dows, Charles H. (consultant); Unknown (interviewer); Chapallaz, Marguerite (speaker)
Notes This tape is one of six recorded in England and donated to the LLA by Raven I. McDavid on 13 July 1981. This tape contains the complete contents of 1) Disc 125 A & B (and) Disc 126 A & B; 2) Disc 1069 A & B (and) Disc 1070 A & B of a series (the “Hanley Discs”?).
Creation Date 2008

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American dialectology: Recordings from discs made in the 1930s